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The cockroach approach

"Thoughts become things so choose the good ones!"

So it happened. Even though I knew this moment would come, I somehow hoped I would be spared. Last night while in the bathroom I saw him...my first Thai cockroach. He popped out from behind the trash can and started running towards me. Damn, Thai cockroaches apparently have no fear.
I, on the other hand, had great fear and I screamed for Zach to come save me. Like the knight and shining armor he is, he came dashing in and saved me by ushering our new friend down the drain. Whew, crisis averted.
Except the crisis is not averted. It can never be averted now. I will never be able to truly relax in my apartment knowing a cockroach could pop up at anytime. Knowing they are there and actually seeing them are 2 completely different mind sets.
I am no cockroach novice, this is not my first rodeo. I lived in New Orleans for a year, during which I saw thousands of cockroaches. It was pretty standard to see at least one a day in my apartment and the restaurant I worked at was full of them (don't be grossed out, ALL restaurants in New Orleans are full of them. You're lying to yourself if you think Emerils or August figured out a way to rid them. They didn't). Walking around the city on a warm night, don't look down, they are there shuffling about with each step you take.
I wouldn't say I ever really adjusted to sharing my home with prehistoric creatures, I would tip toe around in fear constantly. I would literally picture a cochroach in the middle of the kitchen when I walked inside and...POOF...there it would be. I would imagine one by the couch or on the wall of the shower and I swear one would appear. This happened all the time. The mind is a powerful thing, I literally would think a cockroach to actually appear. Zach hated it and from this, the term "cockroach approach" was coined. He didn't understand why I couldn't imagine thousands of dollars in our bank accounts instead of cockroaches on the ground. Ever since my cockroach ESP, it became one of our most used phrases. "Don't cockroach approach this". Essentially it means do not think that negative thought and make this negative thing happen. It can be used in reference to any negative thought.
I expected there to be cockroaches in Thailand. I really did, but after almost 2 months of not seeing one I started to think I was in the clear. Well that was until I spoke this out loud "I can not believe I have not seen any cockroaches yet". Fast forward 10 minutes I'm sitting in the bathroom staring at the floor picturing one and BAM it appears. I cockroach approached the cockroach,

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I'm having so much fun reading your blog. This one was particularly lol.

I hope you're doing well! We miss you!

by Dustin

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